Motion Auto Show - Infest: Glendale Nissan
& Infiniti Meet II

Infest: Glendale Nissan
& Infiniti Meet II

Within a Blvd of Cars was an INFESTation of Nissans

This past weekend I had a chance to go and check out the's second annual meet INFEST II at Glendale Nissan on the Brand Blvd of cars. Since it was my first time going, i didnt know what to expect. As I turned the corner onto Brand blvd i saw a bunch of 4th & 5th gen Z's. One lane in front of the dealership was blocked off for parking which caused a lot of traffic. I had to drive down a little further because there was no place to park. As i drove by i saw a Ferrari and some Honda's out front, so there was definitely a good mix of cars here. In the main lot there was a row of gtr's and some nicely modded vehicles from a few different teams. 

Overall it was a great turnout, with a raffle, models, vendors and some amazing cars it turned out to be an awesome experience. Congratulations to the Infest crew!

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