Motion Auto Show - Cars, Racing
and Food Trucks!

Cars, Racing
and Food Trucks!

K.R.O.P.S - Keep Racing Off Public Streets

After Infest on Sunday I decided to make my way to K1 Speed down in Irvine to the KROPS K1 Meet. I love the message these guys convey, so i gotta give props to Krops! They throw a few of these meets a year at various K1 tracks. When i first arrived there were a good amount and a good mix of cars. 2 food trucks were parked on the side including Dos Chinos and the Burnt truck. When i walked in the bldg. the place was filled with people and karts were zooming around the track., they even had a few vendors lined up inside. It was definitely a fun event!

Event coverage can be seen here:

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